We design and supply Thin Film Evaporation systems and components. These are used in R&D for development of new materials and devices for Solar, LED, Optics, Compound Semiconductor. The PVD system are based on resistance thermal evaporation or ebeam evaporation. For E-beam PVD tools, we are partner for Ferrotec Temescal, worldwide recognized as the leading manufacturer for ebeam evaporation tools.


For Atomic Layer Deposition systems, we are partner for Ultratech Cambridge NanoTech for their ALD tools. Atomic Layer Deposition (ALD) offers precise control down to the atomic scale. Atomic layer deposition holds tremendous promise across a wide array of industries, including energy, optical, electronics, nanostructures, biomedical, and more.


We redesign and upgrade existing Thin Film Evaporation systems with hardware upgrade and software upgrade with PLC control. These upgrade ranges from a straight forward PLC upgrade to a complete rebuilt of the evaporator with e-gun, turbo- or cryopump with software control including datalogging and automated process control.


We provide training in vacuumtechnolgy, thermal evaporation and heliumleaktesting. This can be from a 2 hours introduction to a full 2 day training in all the basics of vacuumtechnology.

We operate in different areas with applications in:

  • Material- & Surface science
  • Solar PV research
  • Semiconductor processes
  • Metallurgy, Surface treatment, Glasscoating
  • (Petro)Chemical and  Pharmaceutical industry

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