25 november 2013: Massflow  & Pressure Control introduction course at Bronkhorst.

15 october 2013: Two COAT340 evaporation systems delivered to Max Planck Instituut (Mainz-Germany), integrated in MBraun glovebox. Vision PLC control with Inficon depositioncontroller, 4 thermal sources.

1 september 2013: Vactec changed its legal entity from one-man company to a private company (BV). This change provides more flexibility and fits the further professionalization of the company.

11 juli 2013:  Vactec has been classified for “Stralingsveiligheid & Hygiëne” level 5B.

1 juli 2013:  From January 2014 the course starts for “Vacuumtechniek” and “Elementaire Vacuumtechniek” in Delft. This course is giving under auspices of the “NEVAC” by Dr. Dick van Langeveld and David Schijve.

15 juni 2013: New software for datalogging of Inficon SQC300 series deposition controllers

20 mrt 2013: New evaporator in existing MBraun glovebox, including liftmechanism, automatic evaporation cycle, two sources, rotary workholder, PLC control.

 14 jan. 2013: Design of Rotary sampleholder for 16 off samples (30x30mm) built into existing belljar evaporator.

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