FC3800 PVD Tool

Ideal for Production Lift-Off, Step-Coverage, and Dual-Sided Coating ApplicationsFC3800

The Temscal FC-3800 enables rapid processing of 150mm diameter wafers for lift off and/or step coverage applications. In each load, this load lock system can coat twenty-five 150mm diameter wafers for lift off or thirty-six 150mm wafers for step coverage. The 38″ x 38″ x 28″ product chamber is pumped by a high throughput 16″ cryopump. During wafer exchanges, the source chamber is maintained at high vacuum by the independent pumping of a dedicated 10″ cryopump.

Convenient Maintenance

The offset pumping port, the hinged door panels, and the swingout source tray are high-value maintenance features in Temescal systems. The offset pumping design reduces unscheduled downtime by minimizing the possibility of debris entering the pumping module. The hinged door panels open to the pumping system and the vacuum chamber. The electric hoist and the swing-out source tray facilitate access for evaporant reloading, cleaning, and maintenance. Access to the water manifold, the bellows-sealed high-vacuum valve, and other pumping system components is also simple and direct.

Key features:

  • Product chamber dimensions: 28″ high x 38″ x 38″
  • 25.5″ diameter source tray
  • Standard source-to-substrate distance: 34″
  • S-S distance with optional source well extension collar: 38″
  • Product and source chamber cryopumps