Atomic Layer Deposition

ALD Al2O3Atomic Layer Deposition (ALD) offers precise control down to the atomic scale.

Atomic layer deposition holds tremendous promise across a wide array of industries, including energy, optical, electronics, nanostructures, biomedical, and more. Please check out our Applications section for more details in any and all of these areas.

The principle of atomic layer deposition is similar to chemical vapor deposition (CVD) except the ALD reaction breaks the CVD reaction into two half-reactions, keeping the precursor materials separate during the reaction.


Ultratech/CambridgeNanotech offers a full suite of ALD systems for research and production applications. The affordable and reliable Savannah is a research workhorse. Fiji offers advanced experimentation capabilities such as plasma-enhanced ALD. Phoenix systems offer production ALD capacity.

Savannah ALD SystemFiji ALD System

Phoenix ALD System
Sannah                                        Fiji                                                         Phoenix