The COAT340-ORG is an integrated organic evaporation system into a glovebox. The evaporation system is provided with 2, 4 or 6 low temperature sources, 2 or 3 quartzcrystals, depositioncontroller, fully automated control and completely dry and maintenance free turbopumpsystem.

The low temperature sources feature a very stable temperature profile for evaporation of low temperature organic materials or perovskites. The temperature control of the sources provides stable temperature and therefor accurate evaporation rate. 


– high unifomity (~5%)

– fast pumpdown (<10 minutes to 5E-7 mbar)

– easy control with intuitive menu’s

– maintenance free

– datalogging


Technical Specifications:

– SQC310 depositioncontroller

– PLC1040 control with touchscreen

– Oilfree vacuumpumpsystem incl. backingpump 10m3/hr, turbopump 300ltr/sec

– Belljar 340mm with 2,4 or 6 low temperature sources, shielding, shutter

– Rotary sampleholder for 6, 9 to max 16 substrates (30x30mm)

– Ultimate vacuum < 8E-8 mbar