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For determination of leaks in vacuumsystems are various methods usable. A much-used method is with helium at which both over pressure and under pressure can be applied to welds, pipelines, o-rings , flanges etc. This method is extremely sensitive, reliable , and the use of helium is not dangerous.

The integrity of products can be secured by means of a helium leaktest. The integrity is measured by the use of helium in a special designed helium leaktester which determines the heliumflow through residual gas analysis.

Because a heliumleaktester and knowledge of leaktesting with helium, are not always available, you can hire us. We may assist you with a helium leaktester on site.

Leaktesting of:

• (U ) HV systems

• Piping , both vacuum and pressure

• Cooling systems

• Welds

• Components & Assemblies critical leak rate

Includes measurement certificate