Module 1: “Vacuumtechnology”

For engineers, designers and users of vacuumequipement:

  • Basic vacuumtechnology, phenomena, flowdynamics, applications and processes
  • Principles of vacuumpumps; advantages & disadvantages
  • Principles of vacuumgauges; use and accuracy
  • Design, materiaals, leaktesting, connections

Additional modules:

Module 2: Design of vacuumpump systems, processes, hardware and cost of ownership calculations

Module 3: Thermal evaporation

Module 4: Heliumleaktesting of industrial systems and products

Module 5: Maintenance & use of vacuumpumps and gauges

Content vacuumcourse (Dutch): LINK
Under auspices of the “NEVAC” (Nederlandse lVacuümvereniging) the course can be followed for ‘Elementaire vacuümtechniek’ and ‘Vacuümtechniek’. Content & registration for the NEVAC vacuumcourse: LINK.