FC2800 PVD Tool

Mid-Sized Coaters for Production and Large-Wafer R&D ApplicationsFC2800

The Temescal FC-2800 represents our ultimate high-throughput platform for lift-off oriented evaporation. This system is designed to support the metallization of thirty 150mm wafers per load via high capacity e-beam evaporation.

Convenient Maintenance

The load locked, 44 inch x 44 inch x 28 inch product chamber can be pumped by as many as two dedicated, high throughput 16-inch cryogenic pumps. The dual-cryopump option makes it possible to pump this large chamber in 15 minutes from atmosphere to pressures in the range of 10E-7. During wafer exchanges, the source chamber is maintained at high vacuum by the independent pumping of a dedicated 10-inch cryopump.

Key features:

  • Non-load-locked BJD-2800 and load-locked FC-2800
  • Product chamber dimensions: 28″ x 28″ x 28″
  • Standard source-to-substrate distance: 34″
  • S-S distance with optional source well extension collar: 42″
  • Source tray supports multiple electron beam and resistance sources
  • 3 cm or 5 cm ion source available in product chamber
  • Product and source chamber cryopumps