The COAT550 is a fully automated e-beam PVD evaporation system for thermal evaporation of nearly all materials.


The COAT550 PVD system provides:

– ‘One Touch’ full automated pumpdown and deposition processcontrol

– Datalogging of deposition parameters

– Excellent access of the e-gun, workholder, quartzcrystalsensor

– Reliable highvacuum pumpingsystem

– Excellent uniformity by Rotary sample holder and 50cm Source to Substrate distance

– Virtual no cross-contamination between materials by unique turretgun design


Technical Specification:

– 550 mm belljar, automatic lift

– ultimate vacuum < 5E-7 mbar

– 550 mm Source-to-Substrate distance

– Temescal STIH270-2 poptop egun, with 6kW high voltage powersupply

– Dry backingpump 40 m3/hr

– Cryopump 1500 l/sec

– PLC1040 control with touchscreen

– Inficon 310 deposition controller