COAT320 Evaporator

The COAT320 is a very user-friendly evaporator. This evparotor is provided with 1, 2 or 3 thermal sources for boats or filaments, a quartzcrystal, depositioncontroller, fully automated PLC control and a oil and maintenance free highvacuum turbopumpsystem. The belljar chamber is provide with an elektrical lift, a viewing window and is o-ring sealed.



– easy control with intiutive menu’s

– automatic deposition control with one-touch start/stop

– maintenance free pumping system

– compact design, frame with wheels


Technical Specifications:

– Inficon SQC310 depositioncontroller

– PLC570 with touchscreen

– Oliefree backingpump, 6 m3/hr

– Belljar 320mm with 2 thermal sources, shielding, automatic shutter

Optional: Rotary sample holder, extra source, datalogging, etc.