Temescal HV Powersupplies

Ferrotec Temescal designs and supplies high voltage powersupplies for 6, 12 and 15kW. Solid state powersupplies in 6 and 12 kW and the Simba 2 powersupply 15kW.

The electronbeam guns are designed for stable and controllable evaporationrate and are designed in 8, 10 and 12kW power at 10kV.

The PVD evaporation system can be completed with variable sweepcontroller, turret indexer, thinfilm deposition controller and other hardware like quartz window, quartzcrystal sensors, installation packages, feedthroughs etc.


 CV6 PS CV6 Powersupply      
 CV12 PS  CV12 Powersupply      
 Simba 2 PS  Simba 2 Powersupply